10 Reasons why you should use Packing Organizers


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Packing organizers - Travel Bags and Packing Cubes  

You might wonder what the hype about packing organizers is all about? Why should you even use them? Our answer to that question is; because they are game changers! For this reason, we´ve written down our strongest arguments on why you should use packing organizers. Be ready to join the hype!

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1. Works in all sorts of travels

To begin with, it doesn´t matter whether it includes an all-inclusive stay, a road- trip, backpacking or a city weekend. They´ll work fine on every trip. Just wash up the packing organizers if they get dirty along the way.

2. Maximize space

The packing organizers is the space you've got. Nothing more, or nothing less. They will not only be your guidelines for how much to pack but will also compress your things. All of this will help you maximize space and minimize the risk of over-packing. Unsure how to pack with and arrange the organizers? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to pack your suitcase

3. Stay organized

Everything has its own place. How beautiful does that sound? No need to mess up your whole suitcase because you can't find your red dress. That is supposed to be in there. Somewhere. 

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4. Save time

Speaking of not messing up your suitcase, using packing organizers will also save you time. Instead of looking for things in your suitcase, you can walk around your destination looking for cafés to visit. 

5. Don´t spend time packing and unpacking

The travel bags and packing cubes can easily be moved directly from your suitcase to the hotel drawer, and then back to the suitcase again. Spend the last night at your travel destination doing something funnier than packing (even though packing is a fun activity according to us). 

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6. Minimize wrinkles

You will probably never be able to avoid wrinkles fully, but having everything all neat and folded will minimize them at least. At its best, you won't have to ask for an iron. 

7. Protection 

The packing organizers will, besides from preventing wrinkles, also keep your things clean and scratch-free.     

8. More durable than compression bags

Packing organizers can be used and loved over and over again. They´re, therefore, more sustainable to use instead of plastic bags or compression bags. Actually, there are plenty of sustainability reasons to why you should use packing organizers. Read and get inspired by our article on how to travel more sustainable.

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9. Store travel belongings between trips

Packing organizers are perfect to use between trips as well. Use them as storage to belongings only used when traveling. The flip-flops can be stored in the shoe bag, the sarongs neatly folded in a packing cube, and the underwater camera can rest in the electric bag

10. Your bag will look flawless

Last but not least, the packing organizers will make your suitcase become perfection. Organized and stylish - Truly Instagram-friendly

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Game changers

So, these are just some of the reasons why packing organizers are game changers. But the best part, that we haven´t even mentioned yet, is that everyone can use them; organized but also not so organized people. Give it a try, and we promise you, you will be as hooked as we are. 

Let´s get Organized! All the cool kids are doing it.  



Thank you girls! Stay tuned for more.

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