7 tips for Traveling more Sustainable

No one can argue with the fact that staying home is the best thing to do for the environment. But humans are curious by nature, and many of us crave the world! Being environmentally friendly doesn´t have to be complicated - we assure you! Sustainable traveling includes more aspects than just quit flying. It requires active choices. This article will, therefore, provide you with seven tips on how to make your travels more sustainable. 

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1. Airplane, boat, train, bus or bike?
Before booking flight tickets, explore all different options of getting to your destination. Boat, bus, or train are options worth looking up. Maybe the journey can be the destination?

Sometimes flying might be the only option. Luckily there are plenty of conscious decisions you can make to remain kind to mother earth. Fuel is for the most part emitted during start and landing, which means you can make up for some of the emissions by booking direct flights whenever possible. It will both spare the environment and save you some time on your travels.   

2. Pack light

Packing light is fundamental when traveling more sustainably. Do you know why? 
- It is because the weight of the plane is connected to the level of fuel consumption. As a passenger, you can contribute by traveling lighter. Lighter suitcase means a lighter airplane. In the end, it means less carbon dioxide emissions and thereby a happier planet. 

Packing light can be difficult. We´ve therefore made an article on the subject of traveling light with only a carry-on. Head over there to get inspired!       

Fun fact; Finnair states that fuel for 20 flights between Helsinki and Tokyo could have been saved under the year of 2018 if only each passenger would have packed one kilo lighter.      

3. Plastic is so last year - Travel with reusables 

Always let a BPA-free water bottle accompany you during your travels! A bottled-water hack is to request filtered water refills from restaurants. You can also ask your hotel to put a jug of filtered water into your room. Fill that bottle up!

Bring a cotton bag for future purchases. It is better for the environment, more durable, and usually more fashionable than plastic bags. A metal straw can also be a good idea to bring. So is a reusable coffee cup. Instead of packing with plastic bags, use packing cubes that you can reuse over and over again. 

Because; Plastic ain´t fantastic!

4. Go local - Use public transportations 

Using public transportations have lots of benefits. Not only is it favorable for the environment, but it also contains memorable moments. Whether it includes witnessing a dance on the subway or starting a conversation with a stranger, we promise it will add up into your memory bank.    

Ps. You’ll be able to catch public transportations easier with a small and light weighted suitcase.    

5. Be aware during your hotel stay

Use the upcoming tips during your next hotel stay to be more environmentally friendly. Firstly, never use the hotel laundry. Why? - They usually wash every guest’s clothes separately, even when there are only a few items. Instead, bring a laundry bag to store dirty clothes, or wash them up as you shower. Secondly, always bring leftover soap, shampoo, and toothpaste with you. Because unused bottles are often thrown away. Reuse the plastic bottles on your next travel. It will spare the planet and your wallet. Win-Win!  

Another action you can take to help spare the planet is to stay in environmental-friendly hotels during your travels. These hotels are also known as "Green hotels". They have taken actions in implementing green living practices that are non-toxic and more safe for both humans and pets. How good does that sound?! Visit the green hotels association webpage to get more information.

6. Consider the chemicals in your personal care products

Be aware of the chemicals in your personal care products, particularly when traveling in fragile ecosystems. Using biodegradable soap, shampoo, and other products can ensure you´ll leave the place visited with no guilt for locals and future visitors. Another product to be aware of is your sunscreen. Try to use an eco- friendly one, especially if you´re planning to go for a swim in the ocean. 

7. Choose souvenirs wisely 

To buy less stuff is one of the easiest ways to reduce your environmental impact. We know it can be difficult, especially when traveling and picking up some souvenirs often are desirable. However, embrace the inner sustainability-you and ask yourself whether you will use it back home or not? We would recommend investing in things of lasting value such as ceramics, textiles, or art. Otherwise, stick to only take travel photos. It’s more authentic and also more sustainable! 

Always travel with the planet in mind

We hope this article has shown you that traveling more sustainable doesn´t have to be complicated. It´s about the small actions and everything you do counts. But yes, it requires planning and preparation. That´s why it's so important to stay organized, before, during, and after your travels!

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.


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Organista July 04, 2019

This is actually pretty easy steps one can take. Keep up the good work!

Naomi June 17, 2019

Wow- Love this! I think I am becoming an Organista :D

Hannah June 13, 2019

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