Packing personalities - What kind of packer are you?

Find your packing personality

We don´t want to categorize people, but sometimes it´s just fun to get a hint of what kind of person you are. That´s why we´ve listed seven different ways to pack a suitcase. There´s nothing wrong with none of them. Just different ways of tackle packing. What kind of packer are you? Continue reading to get the answer!    
The Overpacker

Your favorite phrase is What if. What if I go mountain climbing, what if go to a Michelin restaurant, and what if I get blisters from my sneakers. You´re full of what-ifs, and so is your bag. You prefer to have options. It´s as simple as that. Which means you usually end up with your entire closet in the suitcase. Which we must say is quite impressive though. The overpacker is good at many things in life but, cutting back isn´t one of them.  

But hey, overpacker, watch out for overweight and a messy suitcase. We would suggest you use a packing list next time. Also, use packing cubes. They will organize your stuff, and help you dismiss some of the "what ifs". 

The keep calm and carry-on packer

If it doesn´t spark joy, then it´s not accompanying you. Are we right? All you need fits into a carry-on. Everything else is unrealistic! You´re an efficient traveler that has mastered the art of packing light. Organized, practical, and minimalistic would be the words that describe you. As the carry-on packer you are, you own travel-sized everything and are a pro at maximizing space. You are also the first one rolling your neat bag out from the airport, the bus station, or train station. No need to wait for a checked-in suitcase. 

We bet you´re already using a carry-on packing listPacking organizers would in your case act more as an encouragement to continue your light packing. So, why not treat yourself?      

The last minute-er

"I don´t need much time for packing, I´ll just do it later". Recognize this? - You´re a last-minute packer. Resulting in you running around throwing almost anything and everything into the suitcase. Without knowing the result. One could say you´re a bit of a YOLO: er who's living on the edge. Yes, things will sort out, but just make sure you don´t forget your passport. 

A tip is to use a packing list. It will make your last-minute packing less stressful and just a little more organized - We assure you! Another thing you can do is to read the article about how to pack your suitcase- and loving it! It might inspire you to maybe start packing a bit earlier next time.  

The steal-er

One might think you´re a real packing pro; organized and minimalistic. Which you are, kind of. The only thing is that you have some tendencies from the over-packer and therefore have some difficulties prioritizing. That´s why you have figured out another solution... You´re simply stealing space from your travel buddy (that hopefully has space left). 

The thing is that you basically are a quite organized packer that just needs that extra help to make everything fall into place. That´s why Packing cubes are your thing. They will show you exactly how much space you've got and make you think twice before packing that extra shirt.

The super-organized packer

Using a packing list and packing organizers aren´t something new to you. You can proudly say that you've been an Organista for a while. Everything has its own place in your suitcase, and you probably roll your clothes before putting them into the packing cubes or sort them color-wise. It´s just for you to pull the packing organizers out of the suitcase and put them directly into the hotel´s drawers. Your organized way of packing means that you never have and never will overpack.

We have nothing more to say to you than congratulations for mastering the art of packing, and keep up the organization spirit!        

The back-packer

All you need fits into a backpack. We must say the back-packer is a rare kind nowadays. You are usually an adventurer, with probably some stories to tell, and with the life motto, less is more. The thing is that you also hold real packing pro skills. We mean, it´s just a real pro that only uses a backpack.

A tip is to at least use a shoe bag for your shoes to avoid that the rest of your things get all dirty.

The hack-er packer

You know all the hacks from the manual; socks and underwear stuffed inside shoes, necklaces strung through straws to avoid tangles and using a sarong instead of a towel, etc. One should not get fooled by your seemingly small bag though, because inside it you´ve got everything you need. As a hacker-packer, you´ve probably done a lot of research on your destination to know exactly what to pack. 

You truly are a space saver and don´t need packing organizers to help you with that. But read the article about all the reasons why you should use packing organizers to get a hint of why they can be real game-changers.

Did you find out which packing personality you are?

We don´t know if you've noticed, but all personalities have one thing in common. And that´s the fact that packing organizers can be used by all different personalities. Overpackers, as hacker-packers. Super organized packers, and carry-on packers.

So just embrace the way you pack and try to make the best out of it!

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“What if?” Haha, that’s me!

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