How to Pack Your Suitcase - and loving it!

Organized suitcase

Does hearing the word "suitcase" and "packing" freak you out? Or does it light a spark of excitement?

Neither way, we know packing can be a tricky and time consuming thing that frequently is testing your patience and mood. But, with the Organista Teams essential guide on “How to Pack Your Suitcase” those days will from now on be long gone.

Bring out your suitcase and your packing cubes; put some music on and let’s get started.

Some Basics before We Start
  • Firstly, choose your suitcase wisely. The Organista Team loves the large ones that are light weighted. We've stopped carrying around unnecessary weight a long time ago.
  • Secondly, use a packing list! It will not only help you get organized and minimize the risk of leaving important stuff behind but also lessens the time spent packing. Here is an article on how to become a packing pro by using a packing list. Feeling lazy or uninspired doing one yourself? Don’t you worry, the Organista Team have made the ultimate packing list for you to use.
  • Thirdly, one major tip before starting is to pack the heaviest items near the wheels of the suitcase. To prevent them from falling down and crash other things.  
  • Lastly, always make sure to leave one outfit to pack in your carry-on luggage. Just because you are organized doesn't mean the people handling your checked-in luggage are…   

stylish shoebag

Use a Shoe Bag for your Shoes

Before, our shoes usually ended up in a plastic bag when entering the suitcase. But those times are over. Instead put your darlings in a stylish shoe bag, to both protect your packing from dirt and your shoes from getting scratched.

fashionably packing cube

Packing Cubes - The Cubes of Goodness

Decide what your Packing Cubes shall include. For example, put pants in one and tops in the other. Or, evening outfits in one and everyday clothes in another. The beauty with packing cubes is, except for an easy way to organize your packing, the smartest thing while arriving at your hotel room. Your packing is already sorted and ready to be put in the wardrobe. Saves plenty of time, we assure you!Beige packing cube

One pro-packing tip when filling your Packing Cubes up is to roll your clothes. Because we do want them all to be visible through the mesh top, and not hidden in the darkness underneath a pile of clothes. You should show the world what you've got!

Still feeling unsure about how to use Packing Cubes? Head over to the article about how to use them.  


Electronics bag

Avoid Tangle

By using a bag for your electronics, you will avoid the time-consuming activity of unwrapping tangled cables. Instead, let them peacefully rest in the electric bag together with your tech- and electronic devices. Because there's nothing worse than having wires everywhere and not being able to find the charger for your phone...

 accessorie storage

It´s All About the Accessories

The Organista team love accessories and truly think they spice up your life. How to pack them is up to you, but we have some suggestions. Either you use a Packing Cube in size small to fit all accessories needed or one of our travel bags. See, it is all up to you and your imagination.cute laundry bag

Store Your Laundry With Style

Why not pack a laundry bag as well? It is, except for a sweet accessory in the hotel room, an easy way to separate dirty laundry from clean clothes while being away. It also speeds up your unpacking ritual when coming back home again, by allowing you to just dump the laundry into the washing machine. 

smart underwear bag

Separate your Underwear

Last but not least, use an underwear travel bag for your underwear. Either you put panties on one side and bras on the other. Or, you put your clean underwear in one and leave the other one for laundry. 

The beauty with an Organized Suitcase 

Did we hear empty space?

– Good! This means you are becoming a real Organista. It also means you have space over to do some shopping while you are away... 

Organista or not - We hope this article will help you get organized and start to love packing your suitcase as much as we do!


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