Prepare your home for Vacation

prepare your home

There is no place like home

You usually have a million things to remember before going on vacation. Even though our planners are here to help make your life a bit easier, some things always seem to slip through the fingers. Preparing your home for vacation is usually one of them. That´s something we want to change since a well-prepared and organized home means a happy mind. It will also make your home-coming a lot easier. Here are our best pieces of advice on how to prepare your home before going on vacay. 

Clean the house 
A tidy home is a tidy mind. You won´t regret coming home to a fresh start. 

Hide your valuables 
Not to forget! Hide valuables in unexpected places like in a board game, in the detergent package, or in the kitchen. These spots are usually the last places for unwanted guests to look.   

Pre-pay bills
Avoid coming home to a pile of unpaid bills.

Stop newspaper delivery 
That is if you have any. A tip is to change into an electronic newspaper service that will allow you to read it, wherever in the world you are. 

Make sure to get a plant sitter
Plants aren´t just a nice interior detail. They also increase the well-being, suppress noise, and improve air quality. That´s why keeping them alive is of importance. 

Leave a spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend
We would suggest to leave it to the same person looking after your beloved plants. 

Cover furniture
Make sure to either cover up your furniture with blankets or close the curtains. As much as we love the sun, it will bleach your furniture...

Lock the windows 
It´s easy to forget. Especially during summer time when we want to invite a breeze to our home...   
Unplug all electronic devices 
Take an extra lap around the house to make sure the lights are turned off, and no electronic devices are on. 

Empty your fridge of goods that will expire 
Well, you have probably left it before but lesson learned, it's not a good idea... Remember to take the trash out as well. 

Lock the door
Last but not least, take a final look at your organized home, lock the door, and let the vacation begin! 

Travel well and welcome home! 


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