How to Pack a Toiletry Bag

how to pack a toiltery bag

Today, let’s discuss one very important part of your travel essentials - The toiletry bag. It could be a really tricky thing to get your toiletries together. Because it´s usually not until you start packing that you realize how much stuff you actually use. This article is here as a guide on how to pack your toiletry bag - and fit everything you need. 

Have a plan

Have a plan of what to bring so you can start planning early. The worst thing ever is running around buying last-minute items. Because it usually never ends well... The ultimate packing list and the carry-on packing list will help you cover all the essential toiletries. No need to worry or stress about forgotten products.    

Travel-sized everything 

Rule number one when traveling with a carry-on is to be aware of the TSA-rules. Creams, gels, liquids, aerosols, etc. need to be kept in a container of 100ml or less. We would say using travel-sized products, or sample products is a must! We actually always travel with everything travel-sized. Even when checking in our suitcase. Not only is it comfortable, but it also saves space and weight. It allows for a more sustainable way of traveling

Can't find any travel size of your favorite product? No worries, there´s always a plan B! Several stores sell travel-sized refill bottles and containers - Just for this purpose. An advice when buying these refill bottles is to look for silicon bottles. They´ll allow you to squeeze out every single drop of the product.

Eliminate unnecessarily items

There´s no idea to bring all your ordinary products with you on your trip. Eliminate all the luxury products and think twice before packing. The hairspray is, for example, somewhat unnecessary if you are planning on spending a week on the beach. Remember that most hotels offer free shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  

toiletry bag for organized packing

Consider sharing with travel companions

A perfect space-saver idea! Decide who is bringing what and make sure you overlap your toiletry packings. One might bring the sunscreen, while the other bring toothpaste. Just make sure there´s enough for all of you that are supposed to share. 

The basics:
  • Face wash
  • Moisturizer (Day cream with SPF and night Cream)
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Soap (Not needed if you will be staying at a hotel)
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush
  • Tampons
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm with SPF
The extras:
  • Perfume (We recommend you to use a smaller bottle in travel size)
  • Mini mirror
  • Hair products
  • Feminine hygiene products for sensitive skin
  • Medicines (Don’t forget to bring a copy of the script to emergencies)
  • Razor and a set of nail clippers, tweezers, and scissors. However, this needs to be checked in.
Practice makes perfect

These are our best tips when it comes to packing your toiletries. In the end, it´s like a puzzle; every piece has to fit to make it work. Why not make it into a sport to pack fewer toiletries every time you travel? -Then you´ll see that practice makes perfect.

We know you were born to do this! 


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    ORGANISTA March 22, 2020

    Har precis hittat den här hemsidan! WOW, jag som älskar att organisera :)
    Ska beställa allt, haha!
    Jag har dock en helt annan fråga om garderoben på bilden. Vet ni vad det är för garderob/ garderobsinredning?

    Elsa March 22, 2020

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