How to Organize Your Closet

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There is something special in the air when you finally decide to organize your closet. Maybe it's the feeling of starting fresh. Or the fact that the organization brings an inner calm. The thing is that closets never seem to have enough storage... But let's see the possibilities rather than the hinders this brings. Like how the small details will matter. Having a reason to declutter and letting our imagination run wild. Today we want to talk about how to arrange your closet neatly. 

So what do you say Organista's? Shall we open up the doors to our closets and get started? 


Before sharing our best closet storage ideas. We just want to give you a few tips that have made a huge difference for us when organizing our closets:

  • Clean out the whole closet before you start. It's amazingly refreshing to start blank. Take the chance to declutter among your clothes and accessories while you're on it. And remember:

If it doesn't spark joy… 

  • Start to file fold your things. It's an easy trick to save space. And to get a good overview of what you´ve got. Marie Kondo is our go-to person when it comes to folding our clothes. 
  • Invest in coordinated hangers. It might seem unnecessary, but trust us when we say that it makes a huge difference. Especially for the appearance. 
  • Hang everything facing the same direction. A hack we´ve learned is, that right-handed persons should hang their clothes facing the left and left-handed hang them facing the right. In this way you´ll always have your clothes facing you when pulling them out.

packing cube for shirtsUse our closet organizers to divide your clothes by style!


Now when your closet is empty and you have a clear overview of the space you have to work with. Let's start with organizing all the clothes into different sections depending on the style. Separate T-shirts from long sleeves. Workout gear from pajamas. And pants from skirts. Also, hang your dresses together in a section that's only for them. Repeat with your blazers and blouses. Even the tiniest closet can handle this- we promise! Fold your t-shirts and sweaters into packing cubes. And use them as drawer dividers to utilize the space in your closet. - Organized and stylish! 


By organizing your precious clothes by color, you won't only have an easier time finding what to wear. But also a visually pleasing look for the eye. Go from a light to dark color shade to get a nice gradient. Did we hear an Instagram-ready closet? Yes we did!

Up for some hard core organization? - Then follow the ROYGBIV color scale. Which is the order of the seven colors in the rainbow.

packing cubes for closetFind your preferred clothing organiser here!


Let's place your go-to looks and most frequently used items at an eye level. This to make them easy to grab for those “I-have-nothing-to-wear” - days.  

Store your favorite accessories in a transparent clothing organiser to easily scan the contents. Then grab what you want for the day.

A tip: Let your favorite piece of clothing become art by hanging it on a hook outside the closet.


Marie Kondo, the queen of organizing. She recommends hanging all your precious clothes on hangers. Let the longer pieces go to the left and then continue the order by decreasing the length as you move on. You´ll have a much neater-looking closet. And at the same time as you hopefully saved yourself some space on the floor to store... shoes? 

Side note: Hangers are great, but not for all clothes. Thicker items such as knitted sweaters do better when being nicely folded instead. Use a closet organizer for such items instead. 

organizers for closetBY SEASON

In countries like Sweden where the four seasons are very present. It could be a good idea to organize your clothes accordingly to the season. Not only will it give you more space to work with. But you´ll also have a “new” closet every time the seasons change. Win-win if you ask us. A tip is to store your winter/fall clothes in the darker packing cubes. Spring/summer clothes in the lighter ones. And let the shoes have a rest in one of our shoe bags. 

how to organize your wardrobeLet's start the journey towards an organized closet

We hope you feel inspired to get started with the organization of your closet. And maybe you'll find some new, beautiful closet interior and that our tips and tricks will help you on this journey. Remember, keeping the closet in an organized way is an ongoing process. So don't be too harsh on yourself if it gets a bit messy sometimes. With an organized and solid foundation it's easy and quick to tidy up every once in a while. 


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