How to Travel light with a Carry-on

Keep calm and travel light!

Traveling with only a carry-on means you have to pack both light and smart. We know it´s easier said than done, but there is no need to panic. This article will guide you through the art of packing a carry-on suitcase and showing you the joy of traveling light. 

Always remember that less is more. 

Use a packing list - and stick to it!

It´s easy to get carried away while packing. How come everything in your wardrobe suddenly looks so nice and perfect for your travel? That´s why using a packing list is of great importance. It will help you stick to your essentials and what you really need to bring! If it´s not on the list, then it's not going in the bag. Check out our free Carry-on Packing List here!

Does it spark joy? 

You have to lay out all of your potential clothes and accessories to get a good overview, even though you are using a packing list! Be hard on yourself and eliminate unnecessary stuff. No spark, no go!

Count for how many days you're going to be away, plan your outfits and choose clothes that can be used in different combinations. Also, packing cubes are life saviors when it comes to saving space and organizing your clothes. Here is an article about how to use them in different ways. Fold or/and roll your clothes to compress them even more. We would recommend checking out the Konmari folding method.    


Shoes are a bit happier when stored in a bag

Yes, it´s true! So is underwear and also your laundry. Store your shoes in a shoe bag. Remember that shoes take up lots of space in the bag. Our recommendation would therefore be to only bring one extra pair of shoes except for the ones you're already wearing. Choose your darlings wisely!

If the space in the bag is getting critically small, then use one side of the underwear travel bag for underwear and the other for laundry. Otherwise, we would recommend bringing a stylish laundry bag to separate dirty clothes from clean.   



This part is when it starts to become really interesting. Hotels are usually offering free products like shampoo, soap, and body lotion. But how nice is it to bring your own products?! There are plenty of stores around the world offering travel-sized products. One tip is to buy dry shampoo and hair spray in these small packages while using re-fil travel sized bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. 


From one Organista to another

Always make sure to save the sample products and free tests usually offered at hotels, at the dentist or in beauty stores. They are absolutely the best when traveling light! 


It´s all about the details

As we´ve mentioned earlier in the article about how to pack your suitcase, accessories are a big must for us. It doesn´t matter whether we travel light or not. Spare one packing cube, preferably in size small, to gather all your accessories in one place. The packing cube will not only organize your accessories but also prevent you from bringing too many. The space in the packing cube is what you got, so use it wisely.


Love the small things in life

We know traveling can be exhausting. Therefore, always bring a small pouch to store your tiny things like travel-sized perfumes, a sleeping mask, earplugs, headphones, and a pen. Trust us when we tell you this is everything you need for a quick-fix, a good rest and the signing of documents. You never know when someone wants your autograph.

Use the electric bag to store chargers and electronics. A tip that might save you some space is to check whether your electronics go with the same charger or not.     


Space left? - Well done!

By following these steps we promise you´ll even have some extra space left in your carry-on. Either you see this as an opportunity to pick up some extra souvenirs, or you just allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of traveling light. Not to forget - you will also make the weight restrictions. Good job!        


Packing light truly takes some practice. But this guide hopefully encourages you to explore the fantastic art of organizing, packing and traveling light. And maybe packing doesn´t feel as terrifying as it used to?

Keep calm and pack your Carry - on!


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