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We've all been there, about to board the flight when it suddenly hits us, we forgot our favorite sweater! 

Or even worse, about to dress up for a date at the hotel and you realize that your curling iron is still back home, in your bathroom, just where you left it before your transfer to the airport arrived? It's the most annoying thing and we want to help you avoiding it from now on!

Always use a packing list

Searching the internet for packing lists gives you a good start in your pursuit of  becoming a packing pro - but we've realized that the supply of these products and templates don't nearly cover everything. Therefore, we decided to create the ultimate packing list including everything, yes, we mean every little thing you might need to bring with you on your trip. And if we by chance missed something highly unusual you always bring with you, feel free to use the empty spaces we left for exactly that purpose!

Before we take you through it step by step, here's some advice on what to think of before you get started!

  • First of all, always choose the right bag for the occasion. Suitcase, weekend bag, check in luggage or carry on. It's up to you!
  • Secondly, use packing organizers (travel bags and packing cubes). It makes it so much easier for you to organize your belongings and move things around while packing.  
  • Last but not least, always start packing a few days ahead. You never know what unpredictable things that can occur the day for your takeoff.   

Ok, let's take a look at the Organista Packing List!

The packing list is divided in to six different categories; Essentials, Tech electronics, Accessories, Clothing, Toiletries and Others. We chose these categories to make it as easy as possible for you to get a good overview and move from one place to another while packing your belongings. For example, your toiletries will most certainly, be placed in your bathroom, your clothes in your wardrobe, and so on...  


Let's have a look at 'Essentials'! This category is definitely the most important one. It covers all the things you need to enjoy a smooth vacation! We are talking about your important travel documents such as passport, tickets and credit cards. Things you can't replace if you forget them!

Tech & Electronics

The next category 'Tech & Electronics' covers necessary things such as adapter, chargers and phone. Under this category you're also able to check things like hair styling tools of your list. 


The most exciting part of the packing list is definitely the 'Accessories'. This is where you can let yourself go bananas with the style you want to travel in. Which purses, boots, heels and jewelry are you going to bring?  


'Clothing' is usually the hardest part, when your bag gets full and you realize that the use of packing cubes makes it so much easier for you to get a better view of what you need to bring. For example, put pants, tops & underwear in separate cubes or different outfits for different occasions. 


Time to step into the bathroom and pack your toiletries. Make up, hairbrush, hygiene products, nail polish, shampoo, razor etc. Just put it in there! Be your most structured self, it's easier than you think to forget your dry shampoo.  


Last but not least 'Others'. We're sure you have plenty of things that can't be listed by no one else but you. These empty lines give you the space you need to write those things down. Go ahead! 

So, what do you think? 

Hopefully this article took you one step closer in becoming a packing pro. We are always striving to improve ourselves so feel free to hit us with your feedback. Let's get organized together! 

Click here to download you free Organista Packing List!

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Jag kan inte packa utan denna lista. Tack!

Jossan June 27, 2019

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