Hello World - and Welcome to Organista

Organista packing cubes and travel bags

We are delighted to see you!

Now that we are finally here, let us tell you the story of how everything started!

It was in the winter of 2018, when our founder got tired of organizing her suitcase with plastic bags and old toiletry cases, that she figured something had to be done. That was the day Organista was born!

After months of drawing, designing and searching for the perfect fabrics she started to create the products she had longed-for. She wanted to create, not only products for traveling, but a liftestyle universe for people who love organizing as much as she does. 

Because having an organized life can really ease your mind, right?

Since the Organista story started with a messy suitcase, our first focus naturally became designing travel essentials. We wanted to solve every problem surrounding how to pack a suitcase and organize your belongings. The result was a collection of travel organizers including packing cubes, travel bags, laundry bags and underwear travel bags.

We also created a bunch of planners available for free download, you'll find them here

organista travel laundry bag and organizers

We have just left months of hard work behind and are finally able to offer you a piece of our paradise on earth, with products to make your suitcase look better than ever and articles that will inspire you to start organizing.

With that said, we are beyond happy that you have found us and our journey together starts today! 

Lots of love, team Organista

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Wow, I’m so excited to join you. I love your website!

Sandra March 06, 2019

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