Organista Gift Box

29 kr

Add our Organista Signature Box as wrapping! But please, do think twice before you decide if you really need it. If not, we wrap your order in our Organista Paper Bag and we can spare the environment from more paper waste. Recycle the box as cardboard when you are done with it.

Thank you <3 

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping for the following orders:
- All orders within Sweden
- Orders above €100 / $110 / 1.000 sek 

How many days does it take for my package to arrive?
Within Sweden
Postnord Varubrev - Home delivery: 1-2 working days
Bring - Access point: 1-2 working days
Budbee - Home delivery: 1-2 working days
Within Europe
UPS Standard: 2-4 working days
DHL: 2-5 working days
UPS Expedited: 5-7 working days


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